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i know, im a bad little scallywag. I'm haven't posted here since the first day this site was up. So i'm going to try and redeem that fact right now. First, some random pirate knowledge you may or may not know: the term "Buccaneer" is derived from the French word Boucon (sp?) meaning to Barbeque. They aquired this name due to their cooking habbits :). The other thing i wanted to say was with halloween being around the corner it might be nice, if anyone is planning on dressing as a pirate (i am), for them to post pics here, Savvy? Maybe we can do a gallery or a contest in conjunction.. Well, i'm off, ttyl. :)
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well i know i would love to have a gallery of you guys in pirate costumes or something :P
and well, if anyone does submit pictures, i do beleive prizes might just be given away for anyone who participates....