but why is the rum gone?

scurvey scallywags guild
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rules to follow:

-you MUST be a member of the Scurvey Scallywags guild to join. if your lj screenname if different from your neopets screenname, please please please post on the message board that you are requestion to join, so i know whos application i can say yes to.
-all monthly contest submissions will have a theme to abide by. be creative. you may take a picture, write a poem or story, draw something, etc. but please be creative. do not steal anything from the internet for your submission if it is not yours, or do not have permission to do so. contest submissions should be placed behind an lj cut. if you do not know how to do that, please ask, and i will tell you.
-this community is for posting anything you wish really, and to keep up with the guild. you can post whatever pictures or stories you have, but they must be appropriate, in case someone underage happens to be looking.
-please be kind to your fellow members. no criticism allowed, and no starting shit. this place is made for you to have fun and be freindly with others, not to cause trouble.
-if you do not abide by these rules you shall be sentenced to walk the plank and never to return. you shall be BANNED, possibly from here, and the guild as well.